Alptekin Aksan

Alptekin Aksan


Department of Mechanical Engineering

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University, 2002

Research Interests

Biopreservation and biothermodynamics; desiccation/vitrification kinetics of sugar glasses, molecular mobility; microelectromechanical systems; bioheat and mass transfer.


Alptekin Aksan is interested in the stabilization and transformation of proteins and membranes utilized in tissue engineering. Medical and biotechnological advances in the areas of cell-based therapies, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, gene therapy, cell transplantation and biopharmaceutical research have increased the demand for successful stabilization of proteins, cells and organs during storage. Stabilization is necessary for protein- and cell-based therapies to be widely available, economical, efficient, and safe. Aksan is working to devise ways to process, store, transport, and distribute protein-based tissue products without the requirement for cryogenic temperatures.