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About BTI

Our Mission

Since its inception in 1984, BTI has supported world-class biotechnology research. Through the Biotechnology Training Program and the Graduate Program in Microbial Engineering and cutting-edge microbial cell fermentation and downstream processing services, we continue to support research within the University and serve as a vital link to industry partners.

World-class Research

BTI is home to cutting-edge research in bioremediation, synthetic biology, protein engineering, and natural product discovery. Read our Gateway blog for stories about research, partnerships with local industry and the impact of our work on communities across Minnesota.  

Seminars & Events

Our seminar and event series supports the research and educational mission of the University through a biweekly lecture series, symposia, and community programming. Spring semester lectures and seminars will be held in either a hybrid format or online via Zoom. Please see our full schedule for format details.

Research News

Building New Metabolic Pathways

Building New Metabolic Pathways

Microbes are nothing if not industrious. The metabolic pathways (linked series of chemical reactions) in these tiny organisms lead them to crank out a wide variety of molecules for all sorts of purposes — and that’s what has Mike Freeman’s attention.

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The DNA Solution

The DNA Solution

The exploding yeast and fluorescent fish are interesting, for sure. But for Michael Smanski, the real attraction of synthetic biology is the chance to work at the cusp of a new era in biology—one that holds promise for improving food production, medical care, climate change adaptation, pollution cleanup and more.

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Programs and Services

Biotechnology Resource Center

Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC) 

The BRC provides contract development and manufacturing services for University researchers and external partners. The BRC is a vital part of the state’s thriving biotech ecosystem.

Biotechnology Training 

BTI is home to the NIH supported Biotechnology Training Program which provides interdiscplinary, lab-based training and mentorship for students pursuing careers in academia and industry.


Graduate Program

BTI’s Graduate Program in Microbial Engineering draws on faculty from across the University in a dual-track program designed for students coming from life science and engineering backgrounds.

BTI is an interdisciplinary research institute whose members come from departments and colleges across the University.

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