Associate Professor
Department of Plant and Microbial Biology

PhD, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Montana State University, 2012 

Research Interests

Microbial photosynthesis and global biogeochemical cycles; genomic, functional, and evolutionary studies of complex microbial ecosystems, microbial ecology, and evolution including Earth’s earliest phototrophs and their contribution to biogeochemical cycling: past, present, and future.


Trinity Hamilton’s research focuses on microbial photosynthesis and global biogeochemical cycles. In their work, the Hamilton lab studies the functions and interactions of microorganisms in natural and engineered systems and how microbial communities respond and adapt to environmental change. Trinity is particularly interested in life at the fringe, including redox gradients and temperature extremes. Her lab uses traditional microbiology and molecular techniques, as well as next generation -omics approaches in combination with high resolution geochemical and geological data.