Biotechnology Training

The primary objective of this program is to nurture our exceptional students to become the next generation of biotechnology leaders and innovators. The Biotechnology Training Program excels at continuously evolving and adapting its focus and curriculum in response to current and future needs for biotechnology research and industry.

For this, we rely on seeking feedback from multiple internal and external sources. Training faculty are strongly committed to the program’s core mission of giving exceptional students access to the highest-quality inter-disciplinary biotechnology training.

High private-sector demand for our graduates is a useful indicator of the program’s successful outcomes. Many of our trainees receive employment offers well in advance of their PhD defense. More than half are employed by industry immediately upon graduation.

Our former trainees who developed careers in academia and research laboratories have also been exemplary. In addition to conducting cutting-edge research, they continue to apply the skill sets acquired here to educate the next generation of students.


Students funded annually, 25% URM and students with disabilities


Trainee PhD completion rate


Average time in years to completion of PhD


2015 graduates employed in industry & academia


Publications by trainees over the past 10 years

Annual Responsible Conduct of Research Training

On March 23, the NIH trainees attended their annual Responsible Conduct of Research Training, lead by Professor Kevin Dorfman. The training emphasized research integrity and consisted of an interactive activity from The Office of Research Integrity where the students had to collaboratively decide on a course of action after watching short clips of a scenario in which there was possible fraud in the lab. This sparked great conversations on how to handle situations.


Biotechnology Training

We are driven to produce well-rounded scientists who thrive in the field of biotechnology; one of emerging technologies, trends, and opportunities.

Biotechnology Training Grant Exchange Program

International Connections

In today’s economy, it’s important to be able to move from the local to the global. Through research exchanges with universities in Japan, trainees get the opportunity to pursue research while discovering a different culture.

Beyond the Classroom

Collaboration thrives in a relaxed environment, and training grant recipients start their year with an annual retreat at the University Field Station in Itasca State Park.