Biotechnology Resource Center

The Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC) provides cell and recombinant protein production and process development services to the University community and external partners. Our customers come to us from the fields of human therapeutics, veterinary, agriculture, biofuels, and industrial biotechnology. We provide process development and production expertise to help researchers advance their goals, from understanding biological mechanisms to producing novel anticancer drugs.

BRC Services


We offer manufacturing services to industry and academic customers. Products created include biomass, recombinant proteins, and primary and secondary metabolites.

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Staff & Contacts

Our team includes dedicated scientists and engineers who can guide and answer the challenges of your project.

BRC Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Our services are executed under professionally managed contract agreements that insure confidentiality and intellectual property protection.

The BRC’s Unsung Heroes

Every operation has its unsung heroes. At the BRC, it’s student workers who assist the BRC’s full-time employees keep production running smoothly by washing dishes, cleaning reactors, and harvesting bacteria. In exchange, they receive valuable industrial experience and develop professional connections that last a lifetime. Sophie Justinak worked at the BRC as a student for two years until her graduation in 2016 with a degree in Biosystems and Bioproducts Engineering. Justinak applied the...

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Biotechnology Resource Center
Biotechnology Resource Center

Custom R&D

When they need a lot of protein from a reliable source, researchers within the University and from outside companies turn to the BRC. We provide the expertise and equipment to help clients develop processes that work at production scale.Along the way, our full-time employees also train undergraduate students in an industry-like setting and help them clarify their professional goals.

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