Internship Overview

David Chau

I spent several months interning at Baxter International where I worked with multiple scientists on how to optimize process conditions for maximum yield of monoclonal antibodies. The ability to do an internship during my graduate career was extremely helpful as it helped bridge my academic career to research being carried out in an industrial setting. Mentorship during my internship was extremely helpful and impactful in my future scientific career as it helped apply some of the skills I learned during my graduate career to an industrial setting.

David Chau – PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering, University of Minnesota – Current trainee


An industrial internship is required for all trainees except for those that have industrial experience prior to joining the training grant. Trainees typically do their internship during the second summer of their traineeship. Trainees have found internships at local companies but we have also placed students with national and international companies.

We leverage faculty contacts and our extensive alumni network to find internships. The BioTechnology Institute and its faculty have established an extensive network of contacts with a wide range of biotechnology companies. BTI and the research of many of our TG faculty members has received support from industry, including many well-known pharmaceutical, biotech, and bioengineering companies.

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