Q: How do I contact the BRC?
A: Email and phone contact information are on the staff and contact section of the website.
Q: Can I tour the BRC facility?
A: Yes. Please be aware that due to client confidentiality, it is necessary to schedule the tour in advance.
Q: How much will my project cost? Do you have standard rates for each fermenter scale?
A: We do not have standard rates for each fermentation scale. Because each project’s production conditions are unique, each project is priced based on the project’s run details. 
Q: I need a cost estimate for budgeting purposes but don’t have enough time to put a CDA in place so that a formal quote can be generated. Can you provide a ballpark cost estimate?
A: Yes. We are usually able to provide a rough non-binding estimate of pricing based only on non-confidential discussions. However, we are not able to provide a formal quote without a detailed discussion for which clients usually require a CDA.
Q: How long will it take for my project to start?
A: Once a services agreement has been signed, your project will be formally added to the production schedule. The lead time typically ranges from 1–4 months.
Q: Is it necessary to have a signed contract in place before my project is put on the production schedule?
A: Yes. While we do our best to plan for projects while they are still in contract negotiation, it is required to have a signed services agreement before a project is formally entered into the production schedule.
Q: Can I observe my production run?
A: Yes, you are welcome to visit the BRC while your batch is being produced. Due to client confidentiality, it is necessary to request and receive permission to visit in advance.
Q: Are BRC manufacturing operations carried out under cGMPs?
A: Due to facility and personnel limitations, the BRC’s production operations are not cGMP-compliant. However, our quality system is based on FDA, EU, and ICH cGMP guidelines, and is routinely audited by both clients and external quality consultants.
Q: Does the BRC do mammalian cell culture projects?
A: No. At this time, the BRC facility and equipment capabilities cannot accommodate mammalian cell culture projects.

Having a local resource like the BRC is critical for biotech here in Minnesota. Biotech in Minnesota is on the front end of a boom.

Laura Brod, Genesegues