BTI Staff

Lori Nicol

Executive Accounts Specialist

Grant Proposal preparation, status of grants and grant management, close-out of grants at project end, effort Certification, REU/participant payments

Lori has worked at the U of M in CBS for 33 years starting as a secretary and then working through accounting to Grants Management. She started in what is now the department of Plant & Microbial Biology in part because of her love of plants, and she has enjoyed being a part of BTI and CBS Finance for the last seven years. Lori has three daughters who have grown up in and around CBS in various ways, and they still have a healthy interest in science, as does her husband. Outside of work, Lori enjoys running, biking, crocheting, knitting, reading, traveling and music. She also loves cats and currently has two: a Bombay short-hair and a medium-hair tabby. Ask about her menagerie of Amigurumi that she created over the course of 2020!