The 1st North America-Japan Enzyme Technology Symposium

Date: May 5, 2023 Friday (One day symposium)

Location: The University of Minnesota McNamara Alumni Center (Minneapolis, MN USA.)

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Welcome to the 1st North America – Japan Enzyme Technology Symposium. Enzyme technology extends the power of enzymes from biology to improving our daily lives. This one-day symposium showcased new developments and applications of enzyme technology in biocatalysis and food by speakers from North America and Japan.

Speakers described new technologies in biocatalysis such as combining photocatalysis with enzymes and new immobilization methods such as protein-based nanostructures. Speakers also discussed new applications such as modification of polyunsaturated fatty acids to make therapeutics, modification of wood xylan to make polymers for food packaging or drug delivery, how a hydrolase can make chlorination of recreational pools more efficient, and green manufacturing processes of small-molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients. Speakers discussed new advances in food such as methods to concentrate plant proteins and modify food oligosaccharides with glycosidases.

The symposium is over, but you can view some of the talks here on YouTube using the button below. Thank you to the wonderful speakers, scientists, and organizers who made this event happen.

Romas Kazlauskas, on behalf of the organizing committee.

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