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MnDRIVE  enhances opportunities for Minnesota industries, including those in agriculture, aquaculture, and mining, to solve environmental challenges and efficiently use water and other precious resources.

Rural Water Treatment Facility

MnDRIVE Environment supports research and development of environmental remediation technologies using microorganisms, plants, enzymes, or chemicals (independently or in combination). We partner with industry and government agencies to bring this research from the university lab to societal applications. We warmly welcome collaboration and engagement with a variety of interdisciplinary stakeholders within and beyond the University. In the long term, these targeted efforts will lead to improved water, soil, and air quality, and help promote a healthier environment across all of Minnesota through sustainable economic growth.

MnDRIVE News & Research

Duluth Superior Harbor

MnDRIVE  Stories

Explore the impact of MnDRIVE research on Minnesota Communities on our Gateway Blog.
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Anaerobic Digestion

Students in BTI’s Science Communication Lab explore the science and policy issues surrounding power generation from food and agricultural waste in an interactive infographic.
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Rural Water Treatment Facility

MnDRIVE Research Profiles

Learn about new and ongoing MnDRIVE-funded research in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, power generation, and water treatment through MnDRIVE research profiles.
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Byproduct, a new site-specific installation by artist Aaron Dysart, is opening at the Fulton brewery taproom on September 23 and runs through October 23, 2021. Byproduct will carbonate the façade of the taproom with shifting colors generated from an enormous mirror ball. The colors show the results of a sustainable wastewater research project conducted by Paige Novak and her team at the University of Minnesota.

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