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Synthesizing Sustainability

The Wackett lab is producing beta-lactones from waste materials.

Read the story on the Gateway Blog.

Michael Travisano Named McKnight Professor

Congratulations to Michael Travisano on being recognized as a Distinguished McKnight University Professor.

Will Harcombe named John & Abigail Wardle Chair

Congratulations to Will Harcombe who was appointed as the John & Abigail Wardle Chair in Microbial Ecology.

Managing Manganese with Microbes

In the Santelli and Ishii labs, they are deploying microbes found in the Onneto Yu-no-taki falls in bioreactors.

Read the story on the Gateway blog.

Job Listings

Postdoc Position in Genetic/Metabolic Engineering

Posted Mar 5, 2018

Undergraduate Research Opportunity

Posted May 3, 2018

Research on antibiotic discovery, genomics/bioinformatics, environmental microbiology, biodegradation
UROP available on some projects.

For more information contact Professor Larry Wackett

Upcoming Events

Advancing Biomanufacturing for the Environment Health & Industry

Friday, June 1, 2018
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Cargill Auditorium

Advancing Biomanufacturing for the Environment Health & Industry is a one-day symposium which will be held on Friday, June 1. It will highlight the research outcomes of the Biocatalysis Initiative and the external speakers Michelle Chang from UC Berkeley and Daniela Grabs from Arzeda. Poster prizes will be available.

Funding and
Advanced Study

2017-2018 MnDRIVE: Environment Industrial Partnership Bioremediation Seed Grants

MnDRIVE: Advancing Industry, Conserving Our Environment invites proposals for FY18 Industrial Partnership Bioremediation Seed Grants.
The goal of the seed grant program is to improve bioremediation strategies and industrial applications through the augmentation or alteration of microorganisms or microbial communities. Faculty research may include basic and applied components, though preference will be given to translational research using microorganisms in environmental cleanup. Only new projects will be considered and seed grant funds may not be used to support existing studies. Applications should emphasize relevance to Minnesota’s industry and environment.

Hear BTI Director talk about M3P


BTI Director Michael Sadowsky is leading an effort to document the Mississippi River in a new way.

Mysteries of the Soudan Mine

Unique microorganisms and geological structures exist in the depths of the old Soudan Iron Mine on Minnesota's Vermilion Range. WCCO television recently journeyed there with BTI researchers to explore traces of ancient life. more >>